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Passport & Visa

Quick Links: Myanmar Visa On-Arrival | Myanmar Embassies Abroad | Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Examine Your Passport First

Please check your passport validity before applying Myanmar Visa because your passport should have at least three months remains valid on the day you intended to enter Myanmar. If your passport does not, please renew your passport before applying Myanmar Visa.

Finding Myanmar Embassies near you and the type of Myanmar visas that you can obtain

Myanmar requires Visa for all type of purposes of visit regardless of originating country. You can get Myanmar Visa from Myanmar Embassies and Consulate Offices Abroad. Please see the list of Myanmar Embassies and their contact details.

You can also visit  the official website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the additional information and the updates.

There are several types of Myanmar Visa. Since your purpose of getting Myanmar Visa is to visit around the country and for leisure, you should get either EVT (Entry Visa Tourist) Package Visa for the people traveling in a group or EVT F.I.T Visa (Free Individual Tourist) for the person who wants to visit on her or his own. For the both types of tourist visa, you will obtain the single entry stay permit length of 28-days, which is started to count from the day you enter into Myanmar to the day you leave the country. The Both tourist visas cost US$20 per person and they can be extended up to 14-days with additional visa fees, strong reasons & a lot of your time! The EVT FIT Visa can be obtained directly from one of Myanmar Embassies & consulate offices abroad and it is suitable for both package and independent tourists. The visa validity is 90-days from the date of issue.

It is not obliged to obtain an EVT Package Tour Visa unless you are traveling as a part of a group tour. And there is no difference in EVT FIT & EVT Package Visas to enter Myanmar. However, if you must have an EVT Package Visa, occasionally it is necessary to provide the endorsement letter & confirmed itinerary from your travel agent, Santa Maria T&T to apply EVT Package Tour Visa. In this case, the agency shall require the following particulars from the clients:

1. Full Name
2. Passport Number
3. Passport place & date of issue, and validity
4. Nationality
5. Date of Birth
6. Full Address

Santa Maria Tour shall prepare the endorsement letter based on the information provided by you and send it back to you by fax or email. Then, you can apply for EVT Package Tour Visa. It will not cost you a thing to get the Santa Maria endorsement letter but if you need to be received by fax, we will charge you for this depending on the country. Currently we provide our endorsement letter to those who purchase the full board package tours only.

What happened to Online Myanmar Visa?

Once you can apply Myanmar Visa direct from your computer to the official Visa Authorities without needing to use your travel agents or third party service providers! Many people had enjoyed using this service when they visited Myanmar. However, unfortunately, the Myanmar Online Visa (or Myanmar eVisa) service has been stopped sometimes ago by the government. And we have no idea of when this service will be back again.

Myanmar Visa on Arrival Service (VoA) ‘aka’ Pre-arranged On Arrival Myanmar Visa

Myanmar on-arrival visa policies and conditions change quite often. It is always best to check with us for the latest developments before making your decision to apply on-arrival Myanmar visa. Please see the details -




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